2016 Conference


October 19 – November 2, 2016 | Liberty Research Annex Gallery | Ann Arbor, Michigan


The ACADIA//2016 exhibition curated by Sandra Manninger features design and research from the worlds of practice and academia that are positioned at the intersection of procedural design, digital environments and autonomous machines. The exhibition includes both curated contributions and peer-reviewed projects submitted to the conference.

Taubman College Faculty Contributions from the Research Through Making Program:

Robert Adams, The Asclepius Machine: Alterity Beyond the Anthropocene | Sean Ahlquist, Social Sensory Playscape | Adam Fure, Matt Kenyon, TAP | Catie Newell, Wes McGee, Aaron Willette, Investigations in Free Form Glass Slumping | Glenn Wilcox, Anca Trandafirescu, c-LITH: Carbon Fiber Architectural Units | Wes McGee, Geoffrey Thün, Kathy Velikov, Daniel Tish, Infundibuliforms: Kinetic Tensile Surface Environments

Video Installations:

Iris Van Herpen of Atelier Van Herpen and Philip Beesley of the Living Architecture Systems Group and University of Waterloo

Peer-Reviewed Projects

Sensing Protocols:
Chandler Ahrens, Christof Jantzen, Rajeunir | Kory Bieg, Watney Solid +/- Void | Brandon Clifford, Wes McGee, Microtherme | Rachel Dickey, Morganne Walker, Qualitative Robotics: Making a Case for Huggable Architecture | Christina Leigh Geros, Lee-Su Huang, Gregory Thomas Spaw, Jakob Marsico, Latent (e)Scapes | Michael Fox, Victor Zhang, MDES Students, Inno-Bubbles | Jason Kelly Johnson, Nataly Gattegno, Murmur Wall | Faysal Tabbarah, Almost Natural Shelter; George Themistokleous, Diplorasis: The Other Side of Vision

Data Protocols:
T. Jason Anderson, Keith Kaseman, dFOIL: Drone Deployment Station and Augmented Reality Application | Dana Cupkova, Andrea Salomon, Aman Tiwari, Aprameya Mysore, Contingent Landscapes | Adam Marcus, Glyphs: Drawing Automatic and Intuitive Agencies | Elisabeth van Overbeeke, Othy Vitswamba, Archip Ngumba Lobo, BeniAtlas | Maj Plemenitas, Cross Scale Embedding

Machinic Protocols:
Kory Bieg, Hybroot | Sebastián Caldera, Mauricio Loyola, Collaborative Design Between Academia and Industry in Chile | Brandon Clifford, Wes McGee, James Durham, Round Room | Yidong Ma, Yuxiang Zhang, Fused Synergy | Tsz Yan Ng, StereoNegative: a Tribute to Tony Smith | Jake Robert Read, Open RSEA | Jonathan Rule, Ana Morcillo Pallares, Panots & Mosaics: the digital handmade | Martin Self, Zachary Mollica, Pradeep Devadass, Exploiting Inherent Material Form | Timothy Sutherland, John Larmor, Mark Knutson, Grant Herron, Andrew Delle Bovi, Industrial Production Process Recast: Robotic Manipulation of Clay and Waterglass-Bonded Sand for Computationally Derived Variable Architectural Castings | Martin Tamke, Henrik Leander Evers, Esben Clausen Nørgaard, Scott Leinweber, Flemming Tvede Hansen, Filigree Robotics | Matthew A. Trimble, Screen Walls / deep variation as a platform for constructed speciation | Lei Yu, Zhongyuan Liu, Sai Xiao, Yanxin Wang, Yijiang Huang, Feng Xu, Yanchuan Liu, Liqun Zhao, VULCAN PAVILION: A Fully 3D Printed Vault Structure

Material Protocols:
Nancy Diniz, Frank Melendez, Embryonic Spaces: Living and Synthetic Matter for Wearable Devices | Eva Espuny, Bio-Inspired Fibrous Composite Chair | Alvin Huang, La Burbuja Lamp | Adam Marcus, Margaret Ikeda, Evan Jones, Buoyant Ecologies: Performance-Driven Optimization of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Substrates | Frank Melendez, Nancy Diniz, Valeria Rybyakova, Liquid Actuated Elastomers: Soft Architectural Systems | Jane Scott, Programmable Knitting

Behavior Protocols:
Brandon Clifford, The McKnelly Megalith | Behnaz Farahi, Synapse: A Neuromorphic 3D Printed Body Architecture | Fengqi Li, Amber Bartosh, Wall Parley | Dimitris Papanikolaou, Bodyprint: Exploring Architecture as a Medium for Human Interaction | Satoru Sugihara, The Tower Pier: Integration of Generative and Optimization Algorithms in Agent-Based Computational Design

Autonomous Protocols:
Alan Cation, Clayton Muhleman, Swarming M.A.T.R. (Mobile Autonomous 3D Printing Robotics) | Alan Cation, Clayton Muhleman, Adithi Satish, SWARMSCAPERS: Distributive, Massive, & Autonomous Fabrication | Qi Xuan Li, The Ephemeral Landscape of Cyborg Infrastructure | Evangelos Pantazis, Emmanouil Vermisso, Jasmine Sadegh, Emerging Pattern Formation via Embodied Encoding of Bristle Bots

Exhibition Design and Production Team:

Exhibition Chair and Curator: Sandra Manninger
Exhibition Director: MaryAnn Wilkinson
Graphic Designer: Liz Momblanco
Exhibition Design: Geoffrey Thün, Matias del Campo
Exhibition Team: Asa Peller, Dustin Brugmann, Kallie Sternburgh, Dan Tish